Jul 16 2012

Channeling Archangel Michael

Beloved Lord Michael, grand guardian angel,

We experience difficult and embarrassing times in witnessing the amount of harm that is done to Mother Earth and her children,human and animal?

I have so many questions in mind, but the main question is how we may help Mother Earth, how we may assist her, how could we purify our selves more and more notwithstanding the increasingly pollution of our environment?

It's about our physical body as well as our contaminated mind. How may we experience transformation when we lack any perception on the bigger picture?

Dear hearts and beloved souls,

This term bigger picture is indeed well used to describe the pace of radical changes being played out on, above and within your reality.

Yet, my beloveds let me straightforwardly say that it really is very urgent to do your outmost, strive the best you can for the highest good of all. When you accomplish mission impossible, everything becomes possible with our father/Mother God.

Well, I perceive your amazement, so let me explain this to you.

What I am conveying, sweethearts of our Father/Mother God, to you is that you may turn inward more and more in order to help Mother Earth and help your selves too.

I hear you wonder: "Must we not step to the fore? Must we not intervene in this harm, this injustice deeds? Must we not speak out loud about the massacres and make headlines of our protest?"

I, Archangel Michael recognize nobility in these questions. Let me say that you may undertake much more than turning inward. Yet going inside the centre of your sacred heart and sacred mind is primarily important to change things in the outer reality, such as needless deeds, murder and torture.

First of all go inside if you wish to stop this evil. It is within your abilities to accomplish this. Believe me; you are very capable to transform these dark energies. Just turn inward and review your thought patterns.

Just go inside at sacred moments; envision in meditation and contemplation how these massacres all come to an end.

You will ask: "How can we achieve this?"

You will complete this by doing it. Just erase the images of injustice and evil and deliting them as it were. Avoid obsolete thought patterns or invalid images.

Create new magnificent images on your future screens. Envision splendid new dawns on your plane of existence.

Please realise how mighty the mind is, and let your human mind cooperate with your sacred mind. Allow your rejuvenating mind to hover over the waters, purify your mind to and let it touch the glory of our Father/Mother God.

Allow your rejuvenating minds and thoughts descend into sacred waters and let them go through this blessed process, in order to be moulded by your sacred thoughts. Allow your sacred minds heal the planet.

Beloved souls come together in your pyramids of light via your sacred mind. By doing so the wonder of whoyou really are and what you once were will occur. You are actually spiritual perfected beings, created by the Almighty Creator returning in perfection on your own vigour.

Connect your minds, work with this connection. Let your human minds embrace your sacred minds. Please understand that gathering in Spirit with one heart, one intention, may accomplish wonders through the force of concerted action in healing and sanctity!

Give priority to this gathering, this holy joining. Give priority to the highest outcome for your selves and Mother Earth in unity and harmony.

The powers of the Mind are inexhaustible; they will make the wonders happen. Believe in it.

Walk in the greatest power and the greatest love to your promised land of milk and honey.

With this call, I Archangel Michael confirm and integrate your healing powers from Spirit and your True Being.

Go forth and do not doubt the salutary powers inundating the Earth and your selves. Many souls have been awakened already, yet the smartest souls will be able to work with the Power of Love.

The inevitable will occur; I tell you that your beautiful blue planet will accommodate joyful beings through your own efforts.

Work honourable en well, the see how everything will change. It is changing the very moment you read my words.

Go with the Light and faster than Light, yet be the Light yourself

I Archangel Michael have spoken.

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